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NO! Necrophiliac Olympics.

...Stiff competition.

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  • SlaveAlpha9
Photographer? Painter? Illustrator? I don't know. I am still testing the waters, getting a feel for what I want to do the rest of my life...I used to go out alot but something happened, now I keep a low profile.

People under-estimate me alot, mostly because I don't like to be the center of attention, until I get a few beers in me that is.
3d animation, 45 grave, alcohol, anatomy, animation, anti-nowhere league, art, babyland, bands, bass, big black, birthday party, black ice, chameleons, christian death, computers, conspiracies, contemplating, crime, dead and gone, dead can dance, dead milkmen, deadbolt, deep eynde, depeche mode, devo, digital photos, dislocation dance, dive bars, echo and the bunnymen, electrelane, epoxies, etc..., fate, flipper, fm knives, foetus, food, gang of four, gary numan, gbh, generation x, getting away, gitane demone, graphic design, graphic novels/noveling, gun club, history, hope sandoval, iggy and the stooges, illustration, independant film, indie, intrepol, investigating, italian food, japanese food, joy division, lene lovich, live skull, lost sounds, luminous orange, mac, mafia flicks, motorhead, music, my bloody valentine, namor, nekromantix, new model army, nick cave, old punk, painting, pale saints, phantom limbs, phantom surfers, photography, politics, post-punk, postal service, propaganda, qa, radio berlin, reatards, research, residents, revolution, rezillos, science-fiction, ska, skating, sleeper, social-dynamics, soft cell, sonic youth, strange people, string theory, subtonix, survival research laboratories, sweet, t.s.o.l., tears for fears, thai food, the clash, the cliftons, the damned, the dark, the fall, the near dark, the nuns, the plastiques, the prids, the sixteens, they might be giants, tones on tail, traditional media, turbonegro, ultravox, undertones, unfiltered media, unix, web design, weird flix, wire